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  • Affordability

    Affordability is a critical factor in making advanced technology accessible to a wider range of organizations and individuals, driving innovation and helping to shape the future of biotech and biotech research. By offering affordable options, Eggsbee helps level the playing field and makes it easier for new companies to get started.

  • Modularity

    Modular bioreactors allow you to easily customize your setup to meet your specific needs, ensuring that your experiments are optimized for success. With a modular design, you can easily upgrade or modify your bioreactor as your needs change, making it possible to adapt to new experiments or research initiatives.

  • Cloud Analytics

    With cloud-based data analysis, you can access your bioreactor process data from anywhere, making it easier to stay on top of your experiments and make quick adjustments as needed. Online analysis tools provide powerful visualization capabilities, making it easier to understand and interpret your bioreactor process data.

Cell Culture Package

Bundled package with the full works is the fastest way to get started. Assemble in 30 seconds. Connect Eggsbee™ to Wi-Fi and control or program it using Eggsbee™ Online. Ideal for cell culture.

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  • Eggsbee Online

    With cloud-based control, you can monitor your experiments in real-time from anywhere and make adjustments as needed, making it easy to duplicate your setup on multiple bioreactors.

  • Copy + Paste

    The modular design of Eggsbee bioreactors makes it possible to easily duplicate your setup by adding additional components as needed. Once you've determined the optimal parameters for your experiments on one device, you can easily duplicate your setup on other bioreactors to achieve unlimited scalability.

  • Standardization

    By using standardized components, you can ensure that your experiments are consistent across multiple bioreactors, making it easy to scale up your research.

Scale Up!

A quintet of scientific innovation designed to amplify your research. This package isn't just a simple addition, it's a multiplicative force, taking your lab's capabilities to a whole new level. Whether it's boosting sample sizes, replicating experiments for validity, or running parallel investigations, it is so easy to scale it up!

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Democratize + Unlock Biotech

  • Make

    Run recipes and programs. See your creations grow. Make as much as you want.

  • Learn

    Easily explore how to care for and grow living organisms through an app-based interface. Fun!

  • Play

    Participate in challenges and network competitions and see if you can outgrow the leaderboards.

  • Create

    Invent, try stuff - the data will be collected automatically so you can take the next step into the future.